Our Pricing - How We Determine Price

We Buy Remotes pays top dollar for your keyless remote fobs. Our pricing method is based on multiple things and pricing changes often. To give you a better idea of how our pricing method works, here are some of the things we look at when determining prices for remotes.

  1. Supply and demand. If a remote is in short supply and has a high demand then it will have a higher price. Reversely, if there is an overstock of a remote and not a high demand it will have a lower price.

  2. Style of remote fob. We classify key fobs into 3 categories:
       a.  Smart Keys (highest price point)
       b.  Remote Head or Flip Key (2nd highest price point)
       c.  Standard Remote Fob (3rd highest price point)

  3. Condition of remote fob.  If a keyless remote fob has worn buttons or logos, cracked cases or signs of heavy wear, it will effect the value
Smart Keys
This style of remote key fob is used on newer vehicles that have a push-button start ignition. These key fobs generally have the highest price point.
We Pay Top Dollar
This style of remote key fob is characterized by having a remote integrated into the head of the key blade. These key fobs generally have a mid level price point.
Simple & Easy
This remote key fob is the oldest style stand alone fob, the ignition key and remote fob are completely separate. These key fobs generally have the lowest price point.