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Smart Keys
This style of remote key fob is used on newer vehicles that have a push-button start ignition. These key fobs generally have the highest price point.
Remote Head Keys
This style of remote key fob is characterized by having a remote integrated into the head of the key blade. These key fobs generally have a mid level price point.
Standard Remotes
This remote key fob is the oldest style stand alone fob, the ignition key and remote fob are completely separate. These key fobs generally have the lowest price point.
Where can I sell key fobs? Who buys remote key fobs?  Where is the best place to sell my remote key fob?  The answer -!  We have been in the remote key fob industry for over 20 years and are the best place to sell your remote key fobs and smart keys.  Having built our business on excellent customer service, we pay faster than any other companies that buy new or used keyless entry remotes and key fobs.  Our goal is to make the remote key fob selling experience as simple as possible, allowing our customers to sell their keyless entry remotes and key fobs with ease.